New Book Announcements!!

I have 2 exciting new books coming up in 2023! First is this amazing anthology which will launch the brilliant Linda Sue Park’s Allida imprint!!

This anthology was so much fun to work on and so important to all of us authors. It is truly a project from our hearts and I can’t wait for it to come out next year!


The second book announcement is for my next scary book! HARU, ZOMBIE DOG HERO!

I wanted to write a book about a dog for a long time. I also wanted to write a zombie book. Somehow these 2 came together to become Haru and I’m really excited for everyone to read it!!

Spirit Hunters 3 – Something Wicked Is OUT!!!

The riveting conclusion to the acclaimed Spirit Hunters series!

We Need Diverse Books cofounder Ellen Oh delivers the final book in her middle grade series Spirit Hunters, a gripping mystery and thrilling adventure, starring a Korean-American heroine and a diverse cast of characters.

Harper is dealing with too many new changes in her house. Her cousin, Leo, is now living with them; her sister, Kelly, has started working at a local makeup store, Jeune; and Harper’s spirit hunter abilities have grown increasingly more powerful and uncontrollable, making her a target for possession.

But when Harper and Dayo uncover a dangerous plot to steal youth from millions of innocent people, Harper must use all her powers to destroy an ancient evil and save her sister.

Can our intrepid spirit hunters rescue Kelly before it’s too late?

A spellbinding, spooky, middle grade series, perfect for Halloween!

Don’t miss the first two thrilling books in this series from Ellen Oh:

Spirit Hunters
Spirit Hunters #2: The Island of Monsters


May 4th, launch day!! I’ll be talking with the amazing Linda Sue Park and brilliant Hena Khan about family and food and culture and why we need to share our stories, especially now. It’ll be at 7pm EDT and hosted by the wonderful East City Bookshop! Register for tickets here!

East City Bookshop welcomes Ellen Oh with her new book Finding Junie Kim in conversation with Hena Khan and Linda Sue Park

About this Event

East City Bookshop welcomes Ellen Oh with her new book Finding Junie Kim in conversation with Hena Khan and Linda Sue Park.

About Finding Junie Kim

For fans of Inside Out and Back Again and Amina’s Voice comes a breathtaking own voices story of family, hope, and survival from Ellen Oh, cofounder of We Need Diverse Books. When Junie Kim is faced with middle school racism, she learns of her grandparents’ extraordinary strength and finds her voice. Inspired by her mother’s real-life experiences during the Korean War, Oh’s characters are real and riveting.

“Both unique and universal, timely and timeless.” —Padma Venkatraman, Walter Award-winning author of The Bridge Home

“A moving story that highlights how to find courage in the face of unspeakable hardship.” —Hena Khan, award-winning author of Amina’s Voice

“Junie discovers where she comes from and gains the courage to make a difference in the future.” —Wendy Wan-Long Shang, award-winning author of The Great Wall of Lucy Wu

Junie Kim just wants to fit in. So she keeps her head down and tries not to draw attention to herself. But when racist graffiti appears at her middle school, Junie must decide between staying silent or speaking out.

Then Junie’s history teacher assigns a project and Junie decides to interview her grandparents, learning about their unbelievable experiences as kids during the Korean War. Junie comes to admire her grandma’s fierce determination to overcome impossible odds, and her grandpa’s unwavering compassion during wartime. And as racism becomes more pervasive at school, Junie taps into the strength of her ancestors and finds the courage to do what is right.

Finding Junie Kim is a reminder that within all of us lies the power to overcome hardship and emerge triumphant.


This was one of the hardest books I’ve ever written. In part because it was so deeply personal. It’s my family’s story in every way. It includes my mother’s experience as a lost child of the Korean War, my children’s experiences with depression and loss of a loved one, and my father’s memories. This book is incredibly special to me. But it wasn’t easy to write.

Fortunately for me, I had an amazing editorial team! I needed a lot of help and I got it from two absolutely brilliant editors, my long time amazing Executive Editor whom I adore, Alyson Day, and my wonderful new Editor, Eva Lynch-Comer! These 2 brilliant editors helped me write a book that I thought was impossible for a long time. They brought out the best in the story and forced me to dig deep into the truths. I am forever grateful to them for all their hard work. Thank you so much Aly and Eva!!

And of course the gorgeous cover which was illustrated by the genius Alex Cho! I couldn’t be luckier! It is based on a historical archival picture from the Korean War which reminded me of my mother’s story.

I sent the photo to Alex as a reference and he created a masterpiece. Thank you so much Alex!

Pre-order Dragon Egg Princess before March 3rd and receive a set of character cards!

Just send me a copy of your preorder receipt in my contact section and I’ll send you a set of these lovely Dragon Egg Princess cards.

Signed copies can be also ordered from Politics and Prose. Every signed copy will come with a set of character cards. Links to order below!

And if you are in the Washington DC area, please come to the Bethesda Library for the book launch of The Dragon Egg Princess on March 8th, 3pm! I would love to meet you in person!

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