Here is the breathtaking cover of my newest middle grade horror novel, HARU, ZOMBIE DOG HERO which is coming out July 11, 2023! The art is by the brilliant Teo Skaffa who made what is the absolute perfect cover for my zombie book! I love everything about it!


Eleven-year-old Luke and his dog, Haru, are the best of friends. Totally inseparable. But when their nasty landlord falsely accuses Haru of biting her, Haru is kidnapped! As Luke and his friends go on a serious mission to find and bring Haru home again, they discover mysterious experiments happening at the old laboratory at Painted Lake, owned by an evil multibillionaire named Mr. Thomas Sinclair. And Luke and his friends soon fear that Sinclair’s scientists could be doing illegal testing that may endanger Haru and their whole town.

As more strange clues emerge, the boys realize their world is changing fast, and soon Painted Lake is plagued by zombie attacks. Is the love and friendship between boy and dog enough to save them?

I also did a little interview over at the SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL who did my cover reveal! One of the questions they asked me was how did the idea for this book come about. And this was my answer:

EO: Well, I’ve always wanted to write a zombie book, ever since I saw Train to Busan. But I wasn’t interested in writing about regular old zombies. I wanted something different; I just didn’t know what that was. Then one day I was just sitting with my dogs, and they were staring at me with such absolute trust and love. At that moment, I thought to myself, even if my dogs turned into zombies, they would never hurt me. And just like that, the idea for Haru, Zombie Dog Hero came to me.

So it is only right of me to include this beautiful drawing done by my youngest of our family dogs, Tokki and Kiko! Proud mama moment  –  My youngest is also a webtoon artist of HOME SWEET GHOST.